Thursday, May 12, 2016

You Must Be Weird or You Wouldn't Be Here

On Luana's birthday - a sampling of the pix out there on the planet! Wow.  It's really increased over the years, there's many of these I have not seen.... cool!  Lu!  The planet loves you and keeps putting you on its pages.... how cool is that?  Not gone, just not here.  If you want to see or hear from Luana - pick up a copy of "Flipside: a tourist's guide on how to navigate the afterlife."  The process to finding your loved ones on the flipside is detailed there.  I've seen her over half a dozen times since she passed in 1996.  She says hello to all her fans.

with her dog - I want to say "Lucky"

waitress in "the trip"

great hair. on the Rifleman.

with Freddy Forrrest talking "job opportunities."

I think that's John Franco Jr. her life long pal with Rod McKuen

Rod McKuen and Luana

Not tourists with Rod


How cool is this gif?  Lu!

With Dennis Hopper in Night Tide by Curtis Harrington

Easy Rider. Trick shot, Peter was sick when they shot this, put him in later.

Chuck Connors and Lu

waving from the flipside in rockefeller plaza

pic still from dementia.

nice bow

on steps of her place on fountain ave

with Michael Gough (Batman's butler)

Aw. In Mars Vista (as she called it)

tasty afternoon in rome with yours truly

her pal Jack N nicknamed her blu

not so reformed - with sally kellerman

her doggy again

great still. as george edwards said "everyone was casting tammy clones, and this girl walked in. no shoes, jeans, tee shirt, with an attitude of "i don't care if you cast me or not, I'm not sure if I like you yet."

thousand mile stare.

on the poster of FFC's first film

with pals Rich and Dave in nirvana somewhere.

tom was an up and coming star who died on mulholland in a red porsche wearing a james dean jacket.

greaser's palace, directed by Robert Downey Sr.

More Greaser's. Her part was cut a lot during the edit process.

never seen it. no clue

the killing kind.

nice wig. with dennis

the burning girl. and that look could scorch you. she did that to me once when I stole a french fry from her plate.

what a beauty.  no idea what this is from.

from dementia.

more dementia

from a french site. some tv show with lee marvin (who socked her)

never seen this one. from a french wiki under "juvenile delinquent."

ah, the 60's. no clue.

check the long curls.

the rifleman with paul carr

with rod mckuen

how cool is this? a meme of Luana.

another meme. chewing gum? or pretending?


dead girl in dementia. shot in a pool in LA

cute poster.

greaser's palace

Another birthday!!! Oh my.

Well, Luana was just about the best birthday remembering person on the planet.  Her friends would get a handwritten note and the perfect card from her.  A fan of hers sent this photo of her the other day... it's of her and Rod McKuen in a spread about the beat generation...  funny stuff.

Here's to you Lu!!!



Anonymous said...

The photo that is labeled, "never seen it. no clue," and two others further down are from the Dragnet 1967 episode The Suicide Attempt. Luana plays the callous wife of a man who has checked into a hotel and phoned his mother to tell her that he is going to kill himself. Friday and Gannon go speak to Luana's character to try to figure out where he is before he can check out of the hotel (and life) permanently.

Anonymous said...

The photo with the caption, "what a beauty. no idea what this is from." is from The Manipulator with Luana, Mickey Rooney, and Keenan Wynn.

Anonymous said...

The photo with the caption, "ah, the 60's. no clue." is from the Adam-12 episode, Log 111: The Boa Constrictor. This is one of my favorite performances from Luana. She is hilarious as a woman who has had her car stolen with her pet boa constrictor locked in the trunk.

Anonymous said...

The photo captioned, "from a french site. some tv show with lee marvin (who socked her)," is from the TV police series M Squad starring Lee Marvin. The episode is The Harpies. In this scene, Marvin's character has disguised himself as a dog to infiltrate a gang of female evil-doers. Kudos to the make-up department!

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