Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Night Tide

Sorry to say I missed the screening at the LA Film Fest last week - bought tickets but went down to the theater on the wrong night! Oy. Anyways, I just heard from Luana yesterday - a friend of mine is a psychic, and she wrote me a note that Luana wanted to tell me "Don't be the dreamer, be the dream."

Here's another link for you...

It's from Dementia 13. So named because Roger Corman thought Francis Coppola's choice of "Dementia" wasn't strong enough, so he added the spooky number 13. (as if Dementia isn't scary enough). Oddly, Lu and I went to a festival in Santa Fe honoring Zoetrope, we couldn't get into the theater, finally, someone pulled her in, and old friend, and we found a pair of seats in the front row - the curtain came up, the lights went down, and this clip was what they used to start the festival honoring Francis - Luana stripping down to her skivvies. We laughed long and hard at that, two nutballs in the front row laughing while she was being hacked up on screen.

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